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What is this Plugin ?

Hey guys ! We have come out with another plugin for 3dsmax. It's called Fragile.So what does it do ?

Want to break any object into fragments ? What about real-time face collision ? Spinning and damping of fragments ?

To drop an object and break it, you have to use dynamics and other processes in 3dsmax which is a long drawn and tedious process..Now dynamics will only drop the object and not break it. To break the object you will have to use a mesh bomb and then break the object. But what about real-time face collision ? Dynamic fragment rotation ? Not available !

How would you like to have a simplified procedure to break an object into fragments, have control over the thickness of the fragments and see all of this happening in real-time ? And all this incorporated into one plugin ?

Sounds interesting ?? Read on....!

Fragile is a dynamic plugin which is used to break an object into fragments with real-time face collision and which also gives you control over the spinning of the fragments. It also dampens the spinning of the fragments. You can add the air resistance forces along with desired gravity to create different effects. All other built-in forces available in 3dsmax like wind can also be used on the object.

So all you need to do is to use a deflector from 3dsmax and bind it to Fragile and then play around with the different parameters to get different effects. The exact method to use Fragile is included in the download. Please download the check the sample movies available for download and see what Fragile can do.

So go ahead and download Fragile. Since this is a Alpha release, Fragile is still under development stage and many more features are in the process of being added into it. We would be thrilled to get your feedback and your suggestions on Fragile and what else you would like us to add into it. We will try and incorporate these suggestions in the next release.

Main Features of Fragile:
1 Face collision, i.e. the existing face collision available in 3dsmax is done on the center of the
  fragment. Fragile provides the same on the vertices of the fragment.
2 Spinning of fragments, i.e. Spinning available in 3dsmax is random but Fragile will control the
  spinning of the fragments with damping with relevance to the parameters set by the user.
3 Air-Resistance effects
4 Facility to use / apply all forces in 3dsmax.


Requirements for using Fragile

Software 3dsmax 4
Hardware whatever configuration is required by 3dsmax 4. Fragile does not need any special configuration to work.
Pick Breakable This button is used for picking any object for making fragments. One needs to click the button and click on object to pick it.
Frames From This parameter sets the starting of the effect time on the time slider of 3dsmax.
Frames To This parameter sets the ending of the effect time on the time slider of 3dsmax.
Icon Size This parameter sets the size of 'Fragile' icon, which is drawn while one creates the Fragile in the view port of 3dsmax.
Icon Hidden This checkbox if checked hides the icon from viewing in the view port and vice versa.
  Forces Block
Gravity This parameter is used to set the gravity. As the value of gravity increases, the object's falling speed increases accordingly and vice versa.
Air Resistance This parameter is used to set the air resistance which affects the object falling speed and it also tumbles the object when falling. More air resistance means less is the speed of falling and more is the tumbling of the object.
  Breakable Block
Mass This parameter sets the mass of the object which is picked by 'Fragile'. As the mass increases the tumbling and speed of the object increases and vice versa.
Chunks This parameter tells the 'Fragile' that how many chunks it should make of the picked object.
Thickness This parameter is used to give thickness to the fragments made by the 'Fragile'.

Known Issues
1 If air resistance is kept very low, spinning of fragments will have some residual value.

If very low value of gravity and mass is set, then undesireable effects like non detection of collision, etc. may appear.

3 True face collision depends on the geometry of the object and parameters of your scene.
4 Index fragment collision is not supported.
5 On deletion of fragile, oreginal object will be hidden. It has to be unhidden.




Please visit the gallery section to see a few creations using Fragile plugin.

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