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What is this Plugin
Flexible Pot (F-Pot as we call it) is a object creating tool for 3dsmax which creates multi surface objects. Well, 3dsmax provides tools such as lathe and loft to create such objects. So what is so great about this plugin ?

You have to use it to really know the flexibility it gives the user to change shapes and curves. This flexibility is far better than the in-built tools of 3dsmax. The initial object created by F-Pot looks like a pot (hence the name). This object is a hollow object. The thickness feature of F-Pot which controls the thickness of the object created is a parameter which will be added in the next version of F-Pot.

Known possibilities of objects which can be created with F-Pot are pots, fountains, vases, lampshades, pillars, stools and many more. We do not want to limit your creativity by listing down the various other objects that can be created with F-Pot. You can check out the gallery section for some images which have been created with F-Pot.

So go ahead, download F-Pot and use it. It is freeware you know. The usual disclaimers and copyright laws apply to the usage of F-Pot. We have tried and tested F-Pot on various PCs with different configurations and it works perfectly. So, if anything stops working or crashes after you use F-Pot, it is not our fault and we do not know if the 3dsmax crashed. If it works perfectly it is, of course, a feather in our cap.

Requirements for using F-Pot

Software 3dsmax 4
Hardware whatever configuration is required by 3dsmax 4. F-Pot does not need any special configuration to work. We told you earlier that it was flexible didn't we ?
Interface and how to use F-Pot
Well let us start with listing down the parameters which can be modified to create various objects with F-Pot. The first thing that we have to do is install the plugin. Copy the downloaded file in your 3dsmax plugins directory. To access F-pot, this is the path : Open 3dsmax --> create --> geometry --> F-Pot

There you are. Simple isn't it ?

Now when you start using F-Pot, it draws a default shape. Let us see how to do that.

Click on F-Pot. In the top viewport click and drag your mouse. You will see a circle which is formed.Drag your mouse upwards and click again. There you are. The default oject has been created. Looks good, eh ? Without even modifying any parameters !

Now go to the modifier panel and see the parameter rollout. Now you start using the parameters provided to create the object you want. The list below specifies what each parameter does.

Radius top affects the top radius of the pot.
Curve control 1 modifies the curve between the top and the center radius. The parameters can be set in either + or -. As far as we know, there are no limitations to these parameters.
Radius center modifies the center radius of the object. This is an important parameter and will change the shape of the object drastically.
Curve control 2 modifies the curve between the center and the bottom.
Bottom radius modifies the bottom radius of the object. This parameter has a limitation and the value cannot be set to below 0.
Height 1 modifies the height of the bottom part only. When you increase the value, the overall height of the object created will, of course, increase.
Height 2 modifies the height between the bottom and the center of the object.
Height 3 modifies the height between the center and the top.
Height 4 will modify only the top of the object.
Height segment will modify the height segment of the object. As you must be already aware, more the height segments, smoother the curve. This is the standard logic of 3dsmax isn't it ?
Cap segments controls the number of segments of the bottom plane. Again more the segments, denser the mesh ! The advantage here is that if you want to explode the object in your scene, you will get more fragments.
Sides segment Less number of these segments will create a squarish object. As you increase the segments, the object starts becoming circular in shape.
  Generate mapping co-ordinates- will generate co-ordinates for mapping. 
Thickness Adds thickness to the object
Even Thickness modifies thicjness of object all round
Odd thickness modifies thickness near curves
Outer surface modifies thickness of outer surface
Inner surface modifies thickness of inner surface
Edge modifies edge thickness
Slice On adds slices the object created


Well this about sums it all up. Short description eh ? Well, we told you earlier, we do not want to cap your creativity. Use F-Pot to create whatever it can create for you. As we say, creativity is the mother of invention.

Please send us a feedback and your views and reviews after using F-Pot. Your comments are important to us and will help us in coming out with some more powerful plugins like F-Pot. Any suggestions from you are also welcome. If we have missed out on anything and you would like to have an added feature in F-Pot, please let us know. We will be most happy to incorporate your suggested features in the next version. Also, do send us whatever you create using F-Pot. We will surely host your work in our gallery section giving you due credit.


Please visit the gallery section to see a few creations using F-Pot. Amazing isn't it ?


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