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And God said "Let there be light !" Effects is a thing which has been existent since the creation of earth. When God created Earth, it was an "explosion". The creation of Adam and Eve was "object creation and character design". When the apple fell on Newton's head it was "animation". Well, the story goes on and on and on....! Since then, everybody has been running around for something till date.

Are You in For effects ? (RUN4FX) r u n 4 fx

We are a bunch of loonies who have dedicated their lives to animation and special effects. We eat, drink and sleep animation and special effects. Our area of work includes 3D / 2D animation, special effects, after effects, sound effects, video and sound editing and much more.

Well, does this mean that all work and no play make us dull boys ? No, not at all! Our area of work is like a hobby to us and thus it makes it even more interesting. You should see the riot we create in office during and after office hours. We have been in this business for more than 8 years now. So we decided to start a cult like union and form a sect of loonies like us, all around the world who have dedicated their lives to areas of work mentioned somewhere in this text.

Since this is a new venture, we would like to see it become a success. Of course, we would like you to help us in the same. Your suggestions would be most welcome.

Well, doesn't this seem too much text ? Yes it does. We do not like to blow our own trumpet and like our work to speak for itself. So go ahead, explore this site and send us a feedback and your views and how we can make this place a better place to hangout.